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How to Get Ashrama
From the Baramunda government Bus Stand at Bhubaneshwar, deluxe buses are plying up to Bhawanipatna via. Madanpur-Rampur. Our Ashrama ( 2 units ) are situated on the main road at a distance of 365 kms from Bhubaneswar. Train services are also available from di ...Read More

Tribal Hostel

Two Hundred (200) meritorious students from the poorest tribal families are selected to be brought up in the religious cultural atmosphere. Every need of theirs’ is looked after to free. In addition, free coaching classes are conducted. Basic computer education is also being imparted to the inmates. They are also taught religious ideas, prayers, Bhajans, and Kirtans. The students are performing morning Vedic chanting & evening aratrikam with much devotion! Special care is taken to foster all round development of the boys.
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