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How to Get Ashrama
From the Baramunda government Bus Stand at Bhubaneshwar, deluxe buses are plying up to Bhawanipatna via. Madanpur-Rampur. Our Ashrama ( 2 units ) are situated on the main road at a distance of 365 kms from Bhubaneswar. Train services are also available from di ...Read More

Allopathy Mobile & Dispensary

With a view to improve the health standard of the poor ignorant masses of the area the mobile allopathic health unit follows three fundamental methods of health practices i.e. primitive health care, preventive health care method and curative health care methods.
Through the primitive health care method, the ignorant villagers are advised and motivated by the Health team to take nutritious food in the form of green vegetables, green leaves and fruits etc. which are available in their kitchen garden and in the local market at marginal prices.
Preventive health care method, motivate the people to lead hygienic life by using disinfectants medicines like bleaching powder in drinking water sources and drains. Realizing the magnitude of Malaria in the area, they are persuaded to follow better sanitary measures, keep the surrounding clean and use mosquito nets. Occasionally they are provided with bleaching powder, phenyls etc free of cost.
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