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How to Get Ashrama
From the Baramunda government Bus Stand at Bhubaneshwar, deluxe buses are plying up to Bhawanipatna via. Madanpur-Rampur. Our Ashrama ( 2 units ) are situated on the main road at a distance of 365 kms from Bhubaneswar. Train services are also available from di ...Read More

Old Age Home

An Old Age Home with twenty five (25) inmates is functioning inside the main Ashrama premises. The inmates are from the most backward and poor families with no one to look after them. They are provided free bed, dress, food, medicine, etc. It is a sight to see the joyous old men going through the daily chorus including busing themselves with reading religious books, discussion etc. inside Ashrama premises and singing bhajans and listening to Bhagabata recitation daily.
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